Country Manager Reynaers

Daniel Popa

With over 15 years of business and sales experience, Daniel dedicated his last 10 years to introduce and grow Reynaers Aluminium in Romania by engaging all significant players in the construction industry.

He believes that the real success of Reynaers in Romania is based on team work, sharing the enthusiasm and embracing the same values, thus continuously improving the quality of life.

This way, Reynaers’ work gave financial results starting from scratch and reaching 7 mil euros in 10 years, and they continue to build every year on their merits.

As a manager, Daniel Popa has proven proficiency in hundreds of projects and presentations. He is a good team player, motivated to fulfill his tasks and improve areas he is responsible for. Daniel is trained in large global organizations and he feels good in the corporate environment. He am positively evaluated in management skills, successfully managing people, budget negotiations and information to meet the company objectives. Daniel likes working in challenging projects and tries to make the work environment a nice place to live, for him and people around him.

As a consultant in construction solutions, he sees Romania as a place for high opportunities, mostly for flexible, customer centric and innovative companies. Daniel considers Reynaers, the subsidiary that he has built here in Romania to answer all that market requests. In a time of economical and political changes, value for customers is translated in business segment through quality in all aspects of interaction: products, services, personal connections with teams and the relationship built with them.