About Architecture – Conference&Expo

Architecture Conference&Expo is the meeting point in Transylvania for over 350 architects, engineers, constructors and designers who want to emphasize the quality and excellence in domains such as architecture, construction and urbanism.

The conference permits the interaction between participants and the sharing of knowledge regarding the domain by including presentations and debating sessions led by international, national and local speakers.

The main theme of the conference is Security by design: Creating safe environments through architecture and includes discussions regarding the safety in architecture.

What does recommend us?




Specialists present during the
Architecture Conference&Expo:
architects, constructors, engineers
and designers




International, national,
local speakers


+ 70


Service providers from
architecture related domains




Promotion partners

Why you need to be at Architecture?


International and national speakers


The only meeting platform from Transylvania that reunites architects and service providers from architecture and related domains


Debates and presentations about architecture


The meeting point with potential clients


Socialization in the exhibition area

Architecture Conference&Expo 2016

  • ✓+350 participants from Romania

  • ✓+ 15 international and national speakers

  • ✓Awards Gala

  • ✓Special Guests

  • ✓Presentations

  • ✓Debating sessions

  • ✓Case Studies

  • ✓Exhibition Area

  • ✓Networking

  • ✓Cocktail

  • ✓Location tours conducted by
    special guests

  • ✓Socializing evening


Architecture Conference&Expo also includes an exhibition area opened to participants who want to get in direct contact with several service providers. The exhibition area represents an ideal way for companies to get in direct contact with potential clients and business partners.

Benefits for having a stand:

Expozitional stand for service promotion

Direct contact with potential clients

Product promotion

Position the company as a leader in the domain

Who are the exhibitors?

The exhibitors are represented by Romanian companies who offer services of:

  •   projection, architecture, consultation, expertise
  •   construction and construction materials
  •   engineering
  •   interior and exterior design
  •   lighting, electrical installations
  •   protection
  •   furniture, flooring, paint, doors and windows
  •   others


„This conference is very interesting, because its aim core is art – architecture. It’s to try to find out different possibilities to mix together art and architecture. Thank you for your kindness and super organization of the conference! ”

Toshihiro Kubota, Kubota & Bachmann Architects

"I feel that it is a privilege to be here and be part of it (the conference) and also to share my experience with everyone and I would love to learn more from the people.”

Charles Phu, Office for Architectural Culture

„Apreciez foarte mult organizarea evenimentului. Trebuie să spun că ați fost mult peste evenimentele similare la care am participat. Felicitări!”

Robert Farczadi, Project A

„- Cei care organizează evenimentul au ales exact ce trebuie deoarece conferința pune în valoare și arată comunității ceea ce trebuie să se vadă. […] Deci o găsesc perfectă.”

Niculae Grama, Pictogram

„It was a pleasure being at the congress and meeting you all. Thank you for your kindness and hospitality ”

Manuela Casado, IDOM Germany

„Congratulations for organizing the conference and thank you for the invitation and hospitality. Good luck to your next projects! ”

Adrian Soare, SYAA

„I must congratulate you for the successful event that you have organized and I hope we will meet again during other Architecture events at ClujArena or other well-known locations from Cluj. We will definetely meet at future Architecture conferences organized by Libero Events. ”

Alexandra Stoica, DAS Engineering Grup